Marion Laillé 2018

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About me

Hi, I’m Marion, a french UX/ Product designer. Full of creativity, I'm adaptable on severals fields, such as UI/UX design, Virtual Reality or Game design. I am currently working at Ubisoft International Production in Paris as a UI UX designer in a research and development team. If you are interested in my profile, check my online resume or feel free to contact me.

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Observe, constantly searching for the newest products and services, looking for problems to solve, talking with clients about their needs, looking around for the already existant solutions.

Experiment, testing new technologies, elaborating new ideas and concepts throught drawing, experimentations, wireframes, working on different targets.

Create, protyping products or services in order to give a viable product, assembling an branding ,running user tests in order to ajust the project, thinking about future ameliorations.