2014. 2 months. Internship project at 42 Factory.


Being aware of the quality of our environnement is a major problematic for our society and also for 42Factory, a connected device company where I made my first design internship. PicoTree is one of their main products. It's a connected weather station which looks like a plant. It indicates us following the position of its leaves the quality of our environnement. This plant can be placed in any part of our house, school class, companies in order to be sensitive to our environnement.


My role in this project was to design a dashboard (mobile, tablet and web) used to monitor the data collected by the device. It allows the user to follow the evolution of his environment in real time. You can get immediate feedback and advice on the quality of your living surroundings. Through the app, you can also learn when and why your environment is changing at any time. Finally, you can improve your environement step by step by following PicoTree's advice.

Production & tests

I had the chance to be really autonomous during this project. I started by thinking about the user experience with the user cases, drawing wireframes, organizing the workflow of the application. Then, I worked on the datavizualisation in order to help the user to understand his environment and live in a healthier environment. Finally I created the interface, deliver several assests for the developer and participate on the project commnication during events with the creation of a logo and poster.

Final product

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