Half Way

2015. 3 months. School Project.


The aim of this school project what to be able to create under three month characters, animations and an environnement that could be easily built in a game under Unity. They wanted us to create a very personal game experience and universe. It's a school project made in collaboration with Camille Vernet.


We started thinking about a story. Then drew a lot in order to find characters that we liked and we created the gameplay. Half way is an exploration/puzzle game where the player is in-between earth and heaven. He has to collect his bones in order to rest in peace. But be careful, the owner of the forest is watching you...

Production & tests

We created the characters and the environnement under 3DsMax. We wanted something non-realistic and cartoon-like. We were inspired by games such as "Okami" or "Gravity Ghost" for the work on the textures and the colors. My work on this project was to make some illustrations, modeling the characters and a part of the environnement, to animate the characters and to find the textures. We delivered renders of our models and environnement, and also some situations in the game.

Final product

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