Marion Laillé 2018

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Virtual Reality

School Project

1 year


At the beginning of our Master's degree we had to prepare a end of studies project. I worked on new forms of tourism thanks to virtual reality and especially video game tourism. The aim of this project was to implement what we learned for five years and prove that we could run a project from start to finish. My goal was to understand how to visit new kinds of places and give people the opportunity to see the amazing content of a video game without having to play it.

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Follow was inspired by livestreams and the concepts of "Walkthrough" and "Let's play". It's a social network that allows you to go on a trip in any game that you like, learn about it, and share your virtual experience. I wanted to create a connection between passionate people and being able to share a universe that you love to a curious community. During a session, there are two kinds of people : the guide, that make you discover the game, and the visitor who can interact with the guide in order to learn more.

Experimentations and production

This end of studies project required a lot of research, experimentations, concepts, sharing my ideas and my intentions to professionals, such as researchers from Ubisoft,professionnal streamers and tourism/cultural heritage professionals. Folloow is the product of almost two years of work on a subject that I'm passionate about. It's a two parts project. First of all a thesis named "The tourism activity in virtual worlds" in which I explain how tourism can be perfectly implemented in virtual worlds and the product Folloow with which I wanted to offer the potential of video games to non-gamers.