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Virtual Reality

School Project

2016, 3 month


As VR designer students, we had the chance to meet the CG95 and work with them around a proposition for the World's Fair of 2025. They wanted to implement virtual reality in this event in order to help the visitors to have a great experience, but also share the experience afterwards. They wanted to find new ways to discover this event and present the newest technology in a more accessible way. This was a group project that I realized with Justine Derouet.

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We wanted the people to be more than just visitors. We wanted them to participate and create some collaborative content for the exposition. So we created Walk, a mobile and desktop app. It guides visitors amongst themselves and help them to organise their visit or see the event from home. We got inspired by applications such as Snapchat or Periscope. The idea is to connect everyone and their cultures in order to give a bigger field of vision on the exposition. Everybody shares their experience and everybody gets curious.

Experimentations and production

Since this was a complex exposition. We started the project by brainstorming then chose an aspect of the exposition where we wanted to implement VR.We wanted to work around the concept of a walk, having a guide that you don't know and who isn't necessary a professional. We created a simple application if you're on the site that allows you to find other visitor around you and see what they are doing or share what you are seeing and "vlog" about it, invite people to come see you, through 360° video. If you are home you can equip yourself with VR in order to be immersed in the World Fair.