Marion Laillé 2018

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Service Design
Connected device

School Project

2015, 3 month


In order to finsih my Bachelor's degree, I had to prepare a one year project around the subject that I wanted. I chose to work around new forms of tourism and how we can discover/rediscover a city. The aim of this project was to apply the methodology that we learned during 3 years and learn who to share a concept and discuss around it. Present strong ideas and being able to defend it in front of a jury.

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VA is a tourism app and a connected compass that allows you to discover new places though the sound, atmosphere and music of a city. The citizens can create sound to indentify a place and a visitor can through the connected compass, listen to the sound created and be guided to find the place. Anyone can create sound to lead people to different kind of places and events.

Experimentations and production

I wanted to introduce a fun new way of visiting a city and being guided by another object than a map. I wa inspired by app such as Geocashing or New. I also wanted locals to be able to identify their city like they see it and not by professionals of tourism. This was a personal project. I realized all mockups of the application and their animations. Since I had a connected device as part of my project I made a quick prototype in Arduino to show the different functionalities of the application.