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Balloning to Paris




Game design
Virtual Reality


2016, 3 month


As VR designer students, we had a month to prepare an immersive experience inspired by "Around the World in Eighty Days" written by Jules Verne. The aim was to present this project during the Digital Week of Nantes. An event where new technology related companies prepare fun experience for the public. I worked on this project with Paul Le Texier and Lucas Pion.

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Ballooning to Paris is an immersive experience that takes you through a journey around Europe within 3 minutes in a hot-air balloon. We started by creating a story in order to know what assets we would need. Then we started to create a universe, character designs and environnement designs. we created a cartoon universe, trying to appropriate the universe of Jules Verne and make something fun.

Experimentations and production

For the production, we worked with 3Ds Max and Unity. My main position was to give life to this project in Unity and create some assets. We created a physical display that reproduces the basket of the virtual hot air balloon. That display allows the user to grab the barrier and feels the air as he leans forwards.We presented this project for 10 days with people of different age, the public really enjoyed our experience for the immersion, felt the acceleration of the machine, and felt the high in the sky.