Marion Laillé 2018

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User Interface




User Interface

Personal project



As a multidisciplinary designer, I wasn't always involved as much as I wanted in the design of the interface. I wanted to find a solution to keep training myself quickly without having to create a full product, and this is why I started several UI Challenges and prototyping UI concepts.

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I have been practicing with UI challenges while I was on various internships that didn't allow me to be fully creative. To make the challenge efficient, I was restraining myself to make a design in less than a hour,in order to learn how to present good UI design ideas quickly. This challenge also allowed me to learn various sotfware such as Sketch or Adobe XD.

Experimentations and production

In my current job, this exercise permitted me to offer clean and orignal UI concepts for video games prototypes. I'm able to quickly design and prototype interfaces and implementing them in our products.