Marion Laillé 2018

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Daily UI




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As a multidisciplinary designer, it seems that I wasn't involved as much as involved in the design of the interface as in the start of my studies. I wanted to find a solution to keep training myself quickly without having to create a full product, and this is why I started the Daily UI Challenge.

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The Daily UI Challenge permits to exercice and improve your skills in term of UI design. Everyday for an hundred days you receive a mail with instruction for the design of the day. Even if you don't have a precise context, it allows you to improve and try something new for your design without any limitations. You can create and think about new and fun design ideas for futur project.The challenge starts with simple and single elements and become more and more complex.

Experimentations and production

I have been making a lot of these to train myself while I was abroad during an internship where I wasn't able to be free on with the UI. To make the challenge efficient, I was restraining myself to make a design in less than a hour,in order to learn how to present good UI design ideas quickly. In order to create an interface for this challenge, I started by looking around for inspiration then began wireframing and then creating it. This challenge also allowed me to learn the basis of Sketch.